NIB Cutting & Coring are contractors specializing in concrete cutting, drilling, coring, sawing, and scanning.

Diamond Core Drilling

Can drill holes up to 24” diameter at any depth.

Flat Sawing:

Slabs can be cut up to 15 in depth from the surface.

Wall Sawing:

Most walls can be cut up to 36″ thick, with access from both sides

Core Drilling

If your project requires round holes for piping then core drilling is the way to go. We can core holes that will fit just about any size pipe or duct. Our capabilities range from as small as ½” diameter holes all the way up to 24” diameter holes for water and sewer mainlines. Projects that may require core drilling include: fence and handrail installation, duct openings, dryer and air vents, electrical and plumbing, even creating rock-landscape waterfalls using architectural core drilling.


Before any concrete cutting, drilling or demolition is done, scanning will ensure that the safety and integrity of your structures are preserved by identifying in detail all existing electrical cable located within the job site